Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm a picture saver how about you??

How many of you save pictures of stuff you like. You don't plan on recreating it, copying it or anything. You just feel good sometimes looking at it, or the color's grab you and say something special??

I do this all the time. I am sure that it's not legal in every sense of the word copy write, but I admit to doing it where as I am sure other's do not. I always save with the picture or try to at least who I downloaded the picture from so that I can refer back to them if I wanted to ask questions or something and at times I have..

Here's a prime example. I have always, always wanted one of JMC Art Glass's bracelets. I think she's stopped doing them though and what a pity and loss to the community... If I hadn't saved a photo some of my inspiration or what ever you want to call it would have been lost. I occasionally because I see the photo troll through eBay to see if she's put anything else back up.

but I can't find anything showing she's done recent work. Which is sad. It's just goes to show that all that lovely art would be lost if I hadn't kept it. Do you think that's a good justification to keep such things?? LOL

I hope that mayhe this shows that there is another side of people keeping your photo's and NOT using them illegally to advertise their work, copy detail for detail your work to sell on their own, and all those other sleezy actions that can happen due to it. One of the reasons I love the ability to blog now is that if I find people's work I like and I show you all here??? Now I have a photo link to it and the weblink to contact them via again..

I am wondering though due to a converstaion I recently saw, how artists feel about their work being linked to or what ever in blogs. Do they all think any advertising is good advertisting and are they flattered to no end that something of theirs, so tickled someone else that they felt the need to share it with anyone who might look??

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