Wednesday, August 5, 2009

People who drift for a reason

I have this lady I met several years ago.. We chatted a lot. She helped me get focus'd a bit at times etc..

You have people who drift into your life and make a major impact then because their job is done for whatever be the reason you suddenly realize you haven't spoken to them in ages. You still think about them a lot, just for one reason or another you haven't talked... But when you do talk to them again usually it's juts like the converstation picked back up after an hours drop rather than months..

I love to make friends I am always sad when I realize I have lost one. Recently though I have started to wonder if their really lost, or if its more like they had a brief brush with your life and created a new view, outlook or even perspective on their way to another point in their life.

I LOVE Teri's jewelry it always seems so cheerful and it suites her personality..

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