Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Great things found by forgetting the Dog's food

I found on sale this fantastic little white wine called Ancient Mariner's Asian Pear wine.

SOOO yummy it's sweet and tart at the same time just like Asian pear's. Can you imagine that?? Makes me want to try some of their other wines now too..


How lucky for me that I forgot the dog food while camping. Hope good things come to you by accident this week. I am off to Texas and who know's how or when I'll get to post. I hope often, but I am not tooo big of a dreamer. LOL

I'll have a play day or two while I am down there if I am lucky, but I'll get to see Don's family and relax in that fantastic HOT HOT HOT weather. Please, please PLEASE don't let it be raining my lungs just couldn't handle it this time I don't think. LOL

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Texas here we come ready or not

so was shopping at Ace the other day with my friend Jane. As she's checking out I see this BRIGHT yellow container and I think what in the world??? It's got a monkey on it with bright red BUTT CHEEKS!!

Being me I had to pick it up of course... Of course that led to having to buy some. Ever heard of Anti Monkey Butt powder?? Me neither. But it's pretty cool stuff and I see on line you can even get it in "girly girl" AMB powder too. LOL Well in case anyone cares, it's to help prevent chaffing while your sweating. I'll let you all know if it works. If you use it or have used it tell me whatcha think.!!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Tango Cat Gems

There's wire wrapping and then there's WIRE WRAPPING. :) I love this bracelet and am pretty happy to drool over most of what


She's got posted on Etsy!! Beautiful huh??

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Ok I did this kiln project. It was an experiement.. Well it wasn't really MINE, but a student who wanted to try something. We can't figure out why part of the glass melted at 1450 and yet there are CLEARLY peices still not melted in. How wack a doodle is that??? We even held that 1450 for like an hour I think it was.. I mean not even the little purple dohiggy's melted down..

Here you go cause I know your dying to see it..

Silver and the sliver of truth

hmmm.. I love how these silver art clay flowers turned out!! I haven't gotten them polished as well as I would like. They have some really deep crevices and I can't get the brush into them. What to do... what to do?? Hmm...

These were so easy to make. If I hadn't forgotten to make hanger dealio bobs for the back they'd be all set for some jewelry.
One tiger lilly, a carnation and a rose (upper back) now to figure out how to make some backing's for them or something hmm... There are 2 rose buds waiting for me to buff and polish up too.. I am really excited at the detail the molds I used were..
What molds did I use did you ask??? Hmm.. Lets see if anyone asks....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

ok can't sleep so I'll show you some roses I have

their not blooming yet, these are last years beauties but I am ready to see and smell roses even if their behind on THEIR schedule!!
If you know their names you can tell me. I only know the Yellow one is a David Austin, The bi colored is a Rosa Mundi and that's all she wrote..
I LOVE old rose. I am putting them in as I can afford to get them. It's hard to find some of them though, I really miss the website uncommon roses.
Someone told me that there were other's that were as good. Will have to go look

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Elephant in the room

I keep thinking of it that way. My sister found out she's got Thyroid Cancer that's moving around into other areas. It upsets me to no end. I mean she's got her life all together, it's so organized and doing the right thing... If anyone in the family got it why wasn't it me? 2 reason I should have gotten it. 1. I have already had just about everything else go wrong health wise and it wouldn't mess things up any more then they already are and 2. I at least have health insurance. Their in that lovely bracket where self employed they make too much to qualify for any assistance but too poor to make insurance payments and all, especially when they really don't have a lot of health issues.

So I have been collection odds and ends of some beads to make her a bracelet in Thyroid survival colors. It highlights the three thyroid cancer awareness colors: blue, pink/purple, and teal. Thyroid cancer survivor Cherie LC selected these colors more than five years ago as part of her volunteer contributions to ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association. She noted that blue represents the throat energy center, purple/pink represents spiritual influences in healing, and teal is a healing color.

I really am praying that they get it all and life goes back to being "normal" or at least close to it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

updated on Face Book

let's see if this works Supposedly when I post here now. I'll see it on my facebook too. Does it really work??


What was I thinking??

I finally decided enough was enough. I am a horder. Everyone I know, knows I am a horder.
I bought several years ago 2 packs of Bullseye Streaky Freaky rods. It's ONLY available at the Gathering http://www.isgb.org/info/gathering.shtml in case your curiouse, any how..

I let myself be convinced that I didn't really need to hold on to it, I really wasn't ever goin to be good enough to use it.. Etc.

So I got my Mom to list it on eBay.. I really wish I could pull it off LOL but it's got a BID already what was I THINKING



did I tell you all how much I really hate to get rid of glass of any sort.. or books .... or jewelry or...

But I am thrilled. I got some clear 96 and am going off to make some dragon wings in the kiln I think

What about you??