Monday, February 13, 2017

Follow The Yellow Brick Road...

Usually I know exactly where I am going, what I am doing and what the heck I am looking for when I get on Etsy.   Stop laughing..  Really I do.  (Get off the floor you look silly down there)
 It's really pretty simple...  I want something with Pumpkins so I go look for  pumpkins As Far as I can See which leads me to where I was heading in around about way.    I mean I can't just go directly there after all I might just miss something so exciting I'll just waste away from the unknowing ness of it all..
So any how I was trying to find Marcy the other day and not being able to remember the name of her shop..  I really took at LONG LONG path to get there..

I put into the search Yellow Brick Road   it was amazing to me what all popped up!!

Really really stunning.   Made me think..    Hmmmm..  What could I do with the Theme???

I keep looking at some of the wonderful stuff people have done under the theme of  "The Yellow Brick Road"   I mean seriously who would have thought?   I sure didn't.. 

Then...  I thought huh.. if  "Yellow Brick Road" has a cool search what on earth would "Timewarp" come up with...  I found this....

any how....   Enough of all that nonsense, I was trying to get a look at Marcy's newest stuff.
Come to find out she isn't on Etsy any more and is found at

Marcy Bell Web Page

or her facebook page

 Marcy Bell at Facebook

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Hobby Center!! Wood Crafts.. What else do you call it??

So while I was here in Boise, my niece drug me out to the "Hobby Center" ...
It will be FUN she said!!
It will be EXCITING she claimed!!
It will suck the rest of my MONEY out I said..

I was right.  I now have several projects sitting

here looking at me.  Not done still..  and it's been a year. .

     You'd think that they would just have POOF done them selves..
I bought the wood kit, I bought the sticky words....
Oh.  I didn't get the glitter.. or paper or paint or...  hmmm

   So I went back to see my Sister after Halloween of course, so I was thinking I had lots of time to get something done for Christmas right?   So brought home TWO more of those projects.    This time I at least bought the supplies to complete them.  I think.   Let's see how long it takes!!   

                                          the glue for the glitter

The glitter (Diamond Dust)  to make it sparkly

and some snow

  and while I contemplate how to do these projects (because I have never played with this wood and pint stuff before...  

                                    In the mean time...  

                                                   Spread a little Joy around

                                      Think SNOW

                                Think about your family!

                             Something for the 4th of  July?



 How about someone who loves shoes?

 If you have links with tutorials, videos anything that will use these items?    What it's called even... 

Please feel free to leave a link with your comments!!


          One of their rub on sayings..   You can give them the saying and they make it up for you!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Creativity Abounds!! Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal!!

So this Soup started off with a few interesting twists as most know.   The day before my Soup arrived, I left out and stayed for 3 weeks with my Sister.  My Brother in Law bless him, had been hit while ridding his motorcycle in a funeral procession.   He is doing amazingly great considering.  They do think he'll get 70% mobility in his hands on a good note!!   But this put me behind the curve because my stuff was here and I was there!!  I wanted it mailed, but originally it was only two weeks so you know, that's not too long.  LOL
Well when 3 weeks was LOOMING, I had my Mom (THANK YOU!!!) send out my bead soup!!  I was totally stunned and amazed at what Beth had sent me!!   Check her out here  Create My World Designs   Here is a reminder should you have forgotten where I started

Almost immediately I found a couple things that just BEGGED for a nice flashy blingy BIG PIECE!! Twist a little ribbon here, attach some flowers here, throw on that big old clasp and POOF DONE!! Well that is after I removed some chain dangles, added her peony's and some cluster's made from crystals and beads she had sent!!  So maybe a tiny bit of  "HOCUS POCUS" as well no??   Only, um..  It just didn't look right.    I mean the clasp didn't look right.   So when I got home....  I took off the clasp, changed it for a "plaine" one and I was way more happy!!  But now what to do with the clasp??  I mean this clasp is just too cool to abuse with just anything. So  I put it together with the pretty fan, but it seemed really heavy.  I didn't like it either...

  So the fan ended up all by itself.  ANYTHING else put with it seemed to detract from it. 

So what to do with the clasp now???  HERE!!  Some of the pretty purple crystals that I was sent, some pearls I had because you know we ALL horde stuff for "later"   It's a funny little idea I had.  I think for most people it is long enough to wrap around the neck twice as a choker with the clasp up front

Then you can put the clasp down your back if you have a lovely backless dress

or you can swing that clasp up front as a pendant!   I thought it was pretty fun but simple.

So I took some other crystal's with some cording I had, some beadalon and these disk pearls, then I tried to braid them...  I LOVE how it looks.  I do NOT love the way the beadalon shows up against the cording.  But I don't have any cording small enough to weave through it other wise.   I hear there is a Hobby Lobby that opened up the road.   I think I'll be going to it next week and check it out.  Well after I see if   Ship Wreck Beads    has what I want.

So in between everything else here are a few things I started, finished and just keep playing with!! 

The Moon and star's are some pewter bits I found and covered with this awesome stuff called Iced Enamel's, it's like an embossing powder that get's covered with resin as some point.  I still have to do the resin bit!!  But love how they turned out so far...

The bracelet is bent copper covered with fiber and a lovely hand made copper leaf I picked up from Lima Beads!!  I have been wanting to use fiber and ribbon for a while and finally used this as a chance to do so!

Starry Night as I call it has been started a while.  Never quite was happy with how it was laying out.  Took a few beads out and suddenly it was " done" and I was quite pleased with the ending results!!

 I bought this pendant with much bigger plans.  While I was pulling the ribbon a lady I work with was like OMG!!  I want it!!  Just slap those crystals RIGHT THERE and call it done.  So I did.  Was kind of fun to have something someone wanted to buy!!

So I went to a show.. You know how that goes.. I got these pearls in amazing tropical colors.  I ONLY bought one strand (note to self NEVER AGAIN buy just ONE strand of something funky fun) and while playing with them again (at work imagine that...) another young lady decided she wanted a necklace out of them.  WHAT TO DO!!  I mean I only had one small SHORT STRAND!!  sigh. I did it.  I had to go get some lovely tropical crystal's to finish it off and there were a few pearls left over (ok in reality I hid them!!) so I could add one to this bracelet (how to finish off the clasp??  I haven't found a colored one yet I think anything else might look odd???)  with some wonderful tropical quartz I found.   I have another one set up similar but in different colors I am going to just put a clasp on and call done.  I might end up doing the same here cause the colored chain to plain clasp bugs me....  LOL  

I still have some idea's and beads to finish making.  I want to use the purple twine she sent with the gold seed beads into a braided bracelet and I took a bunch of the left over crystals and tiny purple beads and made them into cluster's that are looking for a home...

and I have a plan to use the purple drops and these beautiful gold pearls in a choker!!   Good thing I have been on a creative streak.  Now to just find more time!!

     I always enjoy doing the bead soup!  This year was less stress filled than years in the past amazingly enough.   I am being bad.  I am saving a couple of the blossom's that I received and the beautiful spacer's to see if something special just for me comes up.    I just couldn't help my self.  LOL   I kept looking at them going     MY PRECIOUS!!
                              Here are the rest of the people who played in this years Bead Soup Blog Party!!

Thank you so much Beth for being my partner this year and the wonderful and exciting soup you sent to me!!
                                                         Bead Soup Party Participants

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Solitude Just What I wanted RIGHT??

So I keep thinking if I didn't have a million things always going on, if there was JUST some peace and quite I would get so much more accomplished.

I got it.  Three weeks of it in fact.  quite mornings with nothing to worry about besides some dishes, and the occasional cleaning.  A CLEAN work space, organized beads to work with...

SO um why has my mind been spinning endlessly with little to show for it?? Hmmmm??

Well I had my Mother send me my bead soup so that I could stop wondering what wonderful things I got!!  I was right!!  WONDERFUL is right!!  Beth sent me some AMAZING bits.  I mean really amazing bits!! Colors I love,  yet things that will be a challenge which is what I always want! Create My World Designs ROCKS!!!

I can't wait to start making something,  start you say?? if it's all so amazing why do you say start?? Shouldn't you be done? After all there is all that quite time you have while school work is being preformed.   What is keeping you?

Once again my own performance anxiety! I keep thinking about what I can do, what I should do and then wondering if it will live up to the standards of amazing that I have set, or will it just be O.K. and after I get it done will I think to my self  "SELF, you so should have done... instead!!"   WHY do I talk myself into despair?  WHY??   I sit here today wondering about it and I realize that there is no other noise in the house to sidetrack me from stupid thinking.   I think I am going to have to put on some head phones and listen to some "happy" music.   Something that makes me realize that it's the journey not the end that matter's the most!!

Solitude, I so am DONE with you!
   Though you have been good for finishing up a few older projects.  3 more days till I have to go home and get back to reality!!  Can I accomplish anything amazing in that time period?

so as I am working on my piece today after coming up with a FANTASTIC idea...  I realized that no Beth hadn't forgotten to send a clasp, but the wonderful item I thought was a pendant is really a CLASP in disguise!!

What a Clasp it is too!!  Isn't it amazing?
Time to rework my thoughts.  Time too...

Darn it, I have to go mow the lawn (yes Boise is nice enough to have their grass growing right now)...