Saturday, August 8, 2009

Advertising anyone??

Tomorrow I get to go get some bricks and 4 inch pipe in order to create a storage area for my metal. WOO HOO that means it won't be all over the shop floor still too!! I might even be able to sneak in a can of paint to finish painting the walls. I am thinking as to if I could sneak in 2 can's of paint in order to start on the cabinet's when I get to it too (instead of putting it off till I can get paint sort of thing...)

I am really trying little by little to have things together and ready to open up the shop to classes Oct 1st. I figure by then the kids should all be in school, settled into a schedule so people will feel like they have the time to do it. I sure hope this isn't a pipe dream that never works out.

Once I am sure I can open doors October 1, it's all about making sure I have class outlines, class descriptions, supplies and all those things ready. Then it's update the webpage with current available classes and start figuring out where and how to advertise.

Last spring I have out 6 classes to be auctioned off or raffled off ( I think they were raffled before we in WA decided Raffles were gambling) and people were really excited and receptive.. How about NONE of them have followed through and used them. I had one of the ladies call and ask when she had to use it by, but haven't heard from her and that was like 6 months ago. Is that a common thing?? Why offer them up if no one follows through?? What are ways to do advertising that doesn't break your budget and are actually effective? I have watched my Mom do things that not one person has responded to so it's obviouse it was a waste of money.. I don't want to do the same. I guess it's off to the internet in a little bit to see if I do a search and find out any good tips..

How about you?? Are you maximizing your advertising dollars??

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