Friday, July 31, 2009

It's been a while now..

can't believe how time flies...

Did get some work in the shop clean up and out area done. WOO HOO!! Got great idea sneaking up on me about how to contend with my stained glass metal problem. Like where to put it and how. Watch for further updated photos..

Did discover that paint dries up after a year with a plastic bag on it for a lid so have to go to wall world for another batch of yellow paint.. Damn it. This time at least it's not a self mixed color so it will have a lid!! Just need a bit of purple too to finish off the cabinet's. That's looking like I might get one or two done this summer too. Gee's it would be awesome huh to finally be able to say. . CREATE CLEAN CONTAINED..

so speaking of a while..

Here's Misty Shwiyyat's rings just getting ready to be release again.

had to do the BIG picture cause Misty's rings so deserve it.. Something about them just is soothing and yet stimulating at the same time!! She always seems to sell out before those that want one end up with one.. Guess that's about the best compliment around no??

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