Sunday, June 7, 2009

Silver and the sliver of truth

hmmm.. I love how these silver art clay flowers turned out!! I haven't gotten them polished as well as I would like. They have some really deep crevices and I can't get the brush into them. What to do... what to do?? Hmm...

These were so easy to make. If I hadn't forgotten to make hanger dealio bobs for the back they'd be all set for some jewelry.
One tiger lilly, a carnation and a rose (upper back) now to figure out how to make some backing's for them or something hmm... There are 2 rose buds waiting for me to buff and polish up too.. I am really excited at the detail the molds I used were..
What molds did I use did you ask??? Hmm.. Lets see if anyone asks....

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