Monday, May 11, 2009

Olympic Color Rods Iris Colors

I have a bunch of OCR iris frits. :) I of course have used them on "beads' and I understand how they work hot cold hot kiln. :)

BUT I really wanted to be able to use them for fusing. So today I called OCR and asked ???

I was told that they could be used in kiln work. You'd take it up to 13/1400 flash cool down to 11ish and then hit it with a flash of heat from the torch. NOW the question is, has anyone tried it, with what results?? Am I brave enough to try it??

Well first off I will tell you that I need to get a set of gloves so I don't burn the heck out of my hands. Second off. Um... Let see what happens after we get some gloves K??? LOL

Hope everyone's Mother's Day was as nice as mine. Lovely BBQ steak dinner and a sweet poem to Mom from my youngest Matthew. Who has a Mom that "wishes books were free and wonder's WHY he has to eat hot lunches every day."

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