Monday, May 18, 2009

Excuses, Reasons and other delays...

Everyone's got Excuses or Reasons or just plain old fibber maghee's about why they haven't accomplished something. Some are better than others. Some practice more than others. Do you make excuses? Have reasons? or better yet fib to yourself and others??

Me?? I am excuses and then there's a few reasons. Then I just change subjects..

I haven't gotten much done in the last week. Allergies/cold went to my chest and if I don't have a headache from coughing I feel like the dogs ran all over me.. Which gave me the excuse of being able to explore some online garage sales, tutorial sites which was all under the thought that I was looking around to make plans, research and investigate. During my play I found this awesome site that take children's story books and turns them into notebooks. What a fantastic gift for yourself to help you wind down yet keep your ideas and thoughts in order!!

no I don't get a cut if you go buy them, but hey wouldn't object to one being bought for me. I kind of want the old mother goose with the checkerboard edge or maybe one of the pictures of there. I remember there being totally awesome pictures in that book. LOL

Doing a bit of garage saleing this week I also bought some beautiful beads called Bamboo Agate from a gal I know. This is truely stunning and so unusual I wish I could find more of these but in my search I have found that I got amazingly lucky cause most of what I found isn't as nice as this. It's the most amazing feeling stuff. I don't know what there is about it but I just wanted to keep rubbing it over and over in my hands.

The one that got away?? Fossilized Coral. Once more I looked and look and haven't found any as nice as what she had.

I am going to share photo's so you too can drool and sigh with envy and go on "Treasure Hunts" of your own!! If I ever get something made. . WOO HOO I'll post it here to.

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