Friday, May 8, 2009

Kiln Projects

Ok I had an adult education for fusing like 100 or less. I have been trying to get their projects cooked since last week. I have gotten 4 done out of 9. Unfortunately I pulled one out of the kiln too quick and of course it broken right across the middle. No way to hide it or fix it easily. Then after I missed the work top and dropped the bottom on the floor, no need to fix it any more. Really upsets me cause it was a great looking project and now we ( student and I) are going to have to redo it. I am taking MUCH more care with the rest and not trying to hurry through them now... I should know by now (43 years mind you) that every time I try to rush things I screw them up!! LOL

I have been playing with the temp to melt them at, trying to get it to the inbetween melt stage, you know where it's melted into the bottom glass, but still has some 3-D effect to it. One projects I did 2 times trying to get it and it was still so underdone I hyped the temp up way to far getting "impatient" of course and melted it in to one nice flat peice. Next one I hiked down a bit more.. etc.. I will see if I can remember to keep track of the schedule (yes yes I know every project is supposed to have it's own sheet telling us what we did and how so we can recreate them..) I think what I'll do is take a picture of each peice to put with the notes when I make them so that I have a visual idea of what that temp does..

So far by the way I am only using Bullseye. I have some Uroboros 96 and Spectrum 96 but haven't used them yet..

I am getting ready to start messing around with the theory that can be used on beads. I think its 55 or less of another COE. So I guess I'll start looking at trying to post these experiements got or bad right? LOL

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