Monday, February 13, 2017

Follow The Yellow Brick Road...

Usually I know exactly where I am going, what I am doing and what the heck I am looking for when I get on Etsy.   Stop laughing..  Really I do.  (Get off the floor you look silly down there)
 It's really pretty simple...  I want something with Pumpkins so I go look for  pumpkins As Far as I can See which leads me to where I was heading in around about way.    I mean I can't just go directly there after all I might just miss something so exciting I'll just waste away from the unknowing ness of it all..
So any how I was trying to find Marcy the other day and not being able to remember the name of her shop..  I really took at LONG LONG path to get there..

I put into the search Yellow Brick Road   it was amazing to me what all popped up!!

Really really stunning.   Made me think..    Hmmmm..  What could I do with the Theme???

I keep looking at some of the wonderful stuff people have done under the theme of  "The Yellow Brick Road"   I mean seriously who would have thought?   I sure didn't.. 

Then...  I thought huh.. if  "Yellow Brick Road" has a cool search what on earth would "Timewarp" come up with...  I found this....

any how....   Enough of all that nonsense, I was trying to get a look at Marcy's newest stuff.
Come to find out she isn't on Etsy any more and is found at

Marcy Bell Web Page

or her facebook page

 Marcy Bell at Facebook

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