Sunday, March 19, 2017

Why is it....

I would swear...  I mean SWEAR that I had made two separate post last year...  One on my trip back to Texas and Fling  Jewelers (hand made jewelry, and Sam repairs old watches, as well as some Estate Jewelry and new stuff)??  and my trip to the Tacoma Beadfest, not to mention we did a quick stint up to Salt Lake City too???   Well I am not sure where they ended up at, but here we go..  I will do two quick and short blogs on them before I forget AGAIN!..

Texas..  My In Laws are all in Texas.   Houston area, Cleveland to be exact..  Well except a sister in Tennessee and  one down on San Jincato river (which you will get to see some of...).   It's always so weird because I hate the heat and I want to spend all my time hiding in the A/C world.   This time it was WONDERFUL!!  His sister Dahna has gotten 2 pools.   The joy the wonder~~   I swear I could have lived in them.   Wonderful tubs of water!! It made it so much easier for me to spend a month there.

See isn't that a beautiful view from the pool??

   I always enjoy my stay down there..

  The thrift shop down there had some cool re-purposed furniture..  Beautiful repainted Chair with a new seat.

 This end table became a game table...   


and these chairs?? Didn't match the table at all until it's been highlighted and the chairs refurbished. Now it's ready for any jungle room.

Dock out over the water..  Looks like a slasher film waiting..

Flowers by the road side what beautiful colors.

Kemah Board Walk

Beautiful House in Galveston
One of my favorite things about Texas is going to Bryan/College Station and seeing the new stuff that Jean and Sam Fling of Fling Jewelers

  They have unusual finds

     They have new rings and watches...       As well as some Estate..
This has an amazing inner cut that a picture couldn't get 

 These were a couple of my favorites this time... 

 Charlie does some of the coolest jewelry designing that I need to try again at getting good pictures of.   Some of them disappeared and others were blurry...

    Going to leave you with this parting shot.....

Limited Seating ,  Reservations Required.

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