Monday, January 11, 2016

The Hobby Center!! Wood Crafts.. What else do you call it??

So while I was here in Boise, my niece drug me out to the "Hobby Center" ...
It will be FUN she said!!
It will be EXCITING she claimed!!
It will suck the rest of my MONEY out I said..

I was right.  I now have several projects sitting

here looking at me.  Not done still..  and it's been a year. .

     You'd think that they would just have POOF done them selves..
I bought the wood kit, I bought the sticky words....
Oh.  I didn't get the glitter.. or paper or paint or...  hmmm

   So I went back to see my Sister after Halloween of course, so I was thinking I had lots of time to get something done for Christmas right?   So brought home TWO more of those projects.    This time I at least bought the supplies to complete them.  I think.   Let's see how long it takes!!   

                                          the glue for the glitter

The glitter (Diamond Dust)  to make it sparkly

and some snow

  and while I contemplate how to do these projects (because I have never played with this wood and pint stuff before...  

                                    In the mean time...  

                                                   Spread a little Joy around

                                      Think SNOW

                                Think about your family!

                             Something for the 4th of  July?



 How about someone who loves shoes?

 If you have links with tutorials, videos anything that will use these items?    What it's called even... 

Please feel free to leave a link with your comments!!


          One of their rub on sayings..   You can give them the saying and they make it up for you!!


  1. The twinkle dust for the diamond glaze looks like fun -- I would love to see how that would work with resin. I've got glitter coming out of my ears (no really -- I should see someone about that) so I may have to try that next time!

  2. LOL I know it looks like it would transfer to so many other crafts. I haven't opened it yet, it's supposed to be real glass..

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