Sunday, August 26, 2012

1st Bead Soup Blog Party and Still I am

Behind.  I swear I'll be behind to my death as well.   If I didn't have teenage boy's I'd be late to eat (well even then sometimes I am and it's UGLY to have to fight them for food..)

So last week I had to go get major items to finish my pieces (like basic findings I couldn't find any where locally) and once again by the time I got home everything else has broken loose and here it is a week later and I haven't gotten to do ONE simple tiny thing.

Why do you think that is??

I know I know you really don't want to hear my blah blah blahing you want me to do the REVEALING aspect already..

Well as a recap I was sent this wonderful assortment by my partner in crime Christie Burrows (who's by the way DONE way ahead of me...)

So I tried and I tried and I tried and I ended up with that huge HUGE clasp and the beautiful stone and bronze pendent in a for me unusual combination.  As you can see there's a bit of chain linking them and then (gasp!! can it be?? those huge faceted pearls from the Bead Festival last month) and the little shell things.   I have laid out a pair of brass hooks to add some shell and those same pearls for earrings..

I was totally confused where to go next.  I mean there was still a TON of stuff to day and while yes this had taken me over a month to get put together it was basically "done" .  Well except the trip to the bead store to get some crimps and crimp covers....

I kept looking at that sparkly autumn mix left.   It ended up in a short bracelet where the crystals joined the red stone beads with some metallic odd metal beads I had and the chunky stones for a simple yet funky bracelet.  The clasp was the "trip" to the bead shop find.  I'll have to try and use some Liver of Sulfur (in case you want to try it)  to make it darken up to match better.  I will be reworking the bracelet a bit to get it to twist merge better but this gives you an idea what it will or is supposed to end up looking like.  For my first attempt with a vague idea at the start I am happy...


This was a heck of a lot harder than I thought it would be.  There are still some idea's bouncing around to use the lovely cab I got..  What made it easier?? To try an imagine I was making it for someone else that liked chuncky funky jewelry.  All and ALL a great time was had (did get three other things made up while trying to avoid I mean think of what to do with what I got in my Bead Soup so that's a good thing right??

Here's a picture of one set done while avoiding my challenge  (can you tell I have been really playing with the LOS)   Forgotten Garden I made the big loopy chain (was my first attempt at soldering silver it was so much fun again thank you Marcy (so that's all but 1 item I made while there used now. WOO HOO)


  1. Your bracelet is beautiful. I also like the necklace you made while avoiding the challenge


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