Friday, July 20, 2012

Tis All About The Choices We Make

You know most the time I don't have anything to do.  No where to go..  Well that's not really true.  I have lots of house cleaning that always needs to done, I have to go to work most days...  but you know no where really FUN and exciting.   So how is it, while I am planning to go down and visit my favorite Aunt in Law Jean (owner of sorts of Fling Jewelers  a  small in the mall shop who's not on line at all but has a great selection of stuff especially my favorite "estate" jewelery)  the endish of October, I discover that there's not one but TWO events happening there!!  One is Austin Texas Beadfest  and  the other is the Houston Intergem Show!  

How am I supposed to decide which is the bigger draw??  Intergem last time I got to go to their show in Houston was over 5 hours of shopping pleasure and I never did make it through the whole sales floor!!  I bought a ton of really interesting stuff (ok not a ton, but I bought a really really big amount) that I am still trying to get through 4 years later..  They do come up to Seattle, but I am not sure if it's the economy or the show right now that had such a small 'showing" of shops.  I noticed the Puget Sound Bead Fest seemed to have problems getting people to sign up an show this year as well and a lot of the staple show display's didn't seem to be there so it could be that it's just small because of the way people are spending right now too.

Any how the Fest in Austin is about 3 hours away from my Aunt Jean's, but we'd be able to take a class or something fun together if we did it.  Etching with Lexi Erickson

Is one  choice, there of course there's always one of my favorite people
Peak Into My World
Rivets and Chainmaille

Hinged Treasure Boxes

Not to mention I want to go see Marcy again for another one on one  silversmithing date on making a ring or two..    Work interferes so much, but if I wasn't working I couldn't afford to play so...    

  TIS ALL ABOUT CHOICES and which ones to make this time!!

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