Friday, June 29, 2012

Bead Soup 6 Shaked and Stirred~~

can't believe that it took me 30 minutes to pick out a selection for my Bead Soup  Christie  partner in crime, but when I wanted to blog about it, add the BSB logo and suddenly it's 4 hours later and my blog is revamped as well.

Don't know if I like it as well or better or if I just have issues with change.   All this started because I discovered my web page was sold after I "failed" to renew it early enough and they sold my domain name supposedly to someone else, but they are unable to tell me who..   Such is life in the slow lane I suppose..

So here's to new directions  and new tries.   Maybe what I need to do is start taking some classes to learn how to do it my self (hahaha like I have time for another hobby)  I don't know,  when Chantal did my website set up as a gift, I was amazed that someone could look into my head and see what I wanted and made it appear on screen for me.

I have talked to a couple other people about websites and design and none of them have been able to do that.  I guess I need to try and find someone else who can reach in and snatch a new site out of me...

BUT on a HIGH note..  I got my ETSY link to work, now to figure out how to change what it shows...
I got my Bead Soup Partner's baubles all together and ready to go out...  :)  2 steps ahead of where I was yesterday right??

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