Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party 6

So I did it.  I joined Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party  !!!!!
I got myself a partner  Christie Murrow
NOW I have to try and come up with what to send her to play with~

 While I contemplate what goodies I can send out... I thought I'd leave you with some idea's of what I have been up to jewelry wise of late!!

 The Fairy Ring was a delicate bit that just fell together with some stuff  I already had when I got this HUGE copper ring from my friend Marcy Bell ( whom I took a soldering class with a bit ago.  I will make myself post on this later..  I can't believe all the fun things I have done recently and not told you all about!!     Those are lucite flowers and leaves with some lovely Amethyst rounds, a Swarovski butterfly and some left over copper chain..  Bet she thought I'd never do anything with it....

The Fairy Ring
 This lovely hunk of love is some huge fluorite chunks, hill tribe chain a silver bead cap and a wonderful bubbly bead from Leila Carras ( whom I get most my amazingly awesome beads from..  There's a second better look at the big bead on the end.  I keep looking at this piece and I want to add something to the bottom but don't know what yet.. 

Le  Chunky

Close Up of Le Chunky

So that's stuff made..  Leila and I went to a Gemstone show in Seattle in March and I came home with a few new interesting things 
Iolite (I think they were) and some sort of aqua agate I am sure it was


Amazing Carved Lotus's  in Coral

Carved Jade balls that looks like woven Ribbon

Topaz ( for a project with Marcy Bell)

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