Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A little Side Trip

While trying to get cleaned up and motivated to partake in the Bead Soup Party again this year I found a little bit of interesting information that made me think...

Spring has almost Sprung!!

If your interested in some flowers that you can eat this year.

Bee Balm                      Borage                   Bachelor Buttons

Chive Blossom               Calendula               Daylilly

Hibiscus                         Holly Hock             Hybrid Tuberous Begonia

Lilac                                Marigold                Mint

Nasturtium                        Pansy                    Pink

Rose                                Scented Geranium    Squash Blossom

Stock                                Violet                        Red Clover

Chamomile                         Lavander

 A veritable fest of color's scents and flavors..    It makes me wonder when spring is going to come and if I should plant some just in case I ever want to cook with flowers....     Please stop laughing... There is a chance it could HAPPEN!!

Here's a great site for further information!!  Eat The Weeds

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