Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Words Just Get In The Way

So I heard on Sunday that a store I NEVER go to any more because they just have really bad service here in Lacey, was having a clearance sale on something I have been wanting for a while.  WHAT to do!!  Well in some way's it didn't matter cause I worked Monday and Tuesday and the odds of them having one still by TODAY were really slim right??  I mean really!!  Well here this is what all the fuss is about 

 Which according to the write up you can use to emboss brass metal blank shapes to make your own charms. I thought last year when I saw it, wow that would be fun.  Scrapping and Jewelry in one.  Then of course the heart attack over the price of the machine, let alone the dies..   ANYHOW!!! back to the story..
I got up today, discovered the husband took the car to work.  I HATE driving the truck to Olympia.  It's such a waste of money (at 3.87 a gallon no less) ... Tried to get a friend to go with me..  NOPE!!

Brilliance hit!!  Red Robin still owed me a birthday burger.  So if I got husband to go to dinner for the burger we could just 'accidentally" stop by there to check it out.   HE bought it!!  We went...  I couldn't believe it but they actually HAD ONE LEFT!!  not only that they had 5 die's as well!

FATE was my friend!!  I could just about SCALE tall mountains!!   He of course thinks I lost my mind!!

So upon getting home and realizing while I now have machine and die I failed to buy some thing to "press"  ...

I guess I'll have to go online and look for something.     As I did so I was thinking you know.. When's the last time I checked mail..  Better do that first..

Opened up my mail and there was a  YOU HAVE WON!! email..  Skip that, it must be trash..
Wait!! Did that say it was from a blog??  Did that say a  ZINO magazine?? OMG!!  It's not trash!! I really REALLY WON!!  Thank YOU!

 So a HUGE thanks to All Pretty Things!!  Please go check her out if you have a few minutes!! and another huge thank you to ZINO for giving me a copy of  Lapidary Journal Artist Magazine for a whole YEAR!!

and some stupid email told me today was going to be a really bad luck day!!  What where they smoking ?? 

Here's a Vintaj video on youtube for your pleasure.  Watching another one they have done called "part one" I now have a use for all those embossing powders as well for this particular item which is GREAT news!!


  1. For something to press, try out Bello Modo. They are mail order out of Olympia. Never charge shipping, and if you get on their mailing list, you can get codes almost weekly that give discounts. Just wait till the metal blanks go on sale. No affilation, just a happy customer from up north in Fed Way

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