Thursday, April 3, 2014

Solitude Just What I wanted RIGHT??

So I keep thinking if I didn't have a million things always going on, if there was JUST some peace and quite I would get so much more accomplished.

I got it.  Three weeks of it in fact.  quite mornings with nothing to worry about besides some dishes, and the occasional cleaning.  A CLEAN work space, organized beads to work with...

SO um why has my mind been spinning endlessly with little to show for it?? Hmmmm??

Well I had my Mother send me my bead soup so that I could stop wondering what wonderful things I got!!  I was right!!  WONDERFUL is right!!  Beth sent me some AMAZING bits.  I mean really amazing bits!! Colors I love,  yet things that will be a challenge which is what I always want! Create My World Designs ROCKS!!!

I can't wait to start making something,  start you say?? if it's all so amazing why do you say start?? Shouldn't you be done? After all there is all that quite time you have while school work is being preformed.   What is keeping you?

Once again my own performance anxiety! I keep thinking about what I can do, what I should do and then wondering if it will live up to the standards of amazing that I have set, or will it just be O.K. and after I get it done will I think to my self  "SELF, you so should have done... instead!!"   WHY do I talk myself into despair?  WHY??   I sit here today wondering about it and I realize that there is no other noise in the house to sidetrack me from stupid thinking.   I think I am going to have to put on some head phones and listen to some "happy" music.   Something that makes me realize that it's the journey not the end that matter's the most!!

Solitude, I so am DONE with you!
   Though you have been good for finishing up a few older projects.  3 more days till I have to go home and get back to reality!!  Can I accomplish anything amazing in that time period?

so as I am working on my piece today after coming up with a FANTASTIC idea...  I realized that no Beth hadn't forgotten to send a clasp, but the wonderful item I thought was a pendant is really a CLASP in disguise!!

What a Clasp it is too!!  Isn't it amazing?
Time to rework my thoughts.  Time too...

Darn it, I have to go mow the lawn (yes Boise is nice enough to have their grass growing right now)...

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  1. Somehow I missed this post... looking forward to seeing what you made with the soup! :) still working on mine (did I mention I'm one of the world's biggest procrastinators) ;) I guess I work best under pressure and deadlines!


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