Thursday, February 11, 2010

Karma What Comes Around

Have you ever picked up something that you just had  to have. You pick it up and just can't get your hand to let the heck go of?? Well this summer I went to the Frantz Glass Bash in Shelton, WA held by Frantz Art Glass (Lampworking supplies and such..) Any how.. I love to go up there and look and talk and talk and talk with the different artists I know.   One of whom is Kimberly  who does these amazing sea horse beads and I have been drooling and craving one for years now. Their just not in my price range. BUT this year I said I am going to get one of them one way or another.. While picking up and putting down and drooling over them my fingers grazed this funky thing. I was like what in the world?? Kim doesn't do Goddesses.... but sure enough there was this goddess bead in funky green/bronze tones with the most amazing copper details added. We joked and I felt it and it kept rolling around in my hand. I set it down, well I tried to set it down.. Someone asked to look at it and I was like sure! Here you go, but I wouldn't let go..
    I though what in the world? I don't wear these colors even give the darn thing over will ya!! Kim was going to check something out so being nice I said I'd babysit the booth and kept playing with it. It ended up in my pocket and I just kept playing with her. It was like she had become a touch stone!! Didn't end up with a sea horse.. Ended up with a goddess named Karma after she reminded me I couldn't just leave with her..
    For 3 months looked at that bead and looked at what I had.  I hated everything nothing looked right. Suddenly I found this peice of ribbon. The colors just made her pop!! Step one down. Step two was realizing these little garnets I had fit that color scheme perfectly but were much too small. Wandering though Integrity Pearls on line I suddenly realized that I had to have these funky shaped pearls in a bronze tone. It was done right?? I mean what as left. Twist two strands of beads and a piece of ribbon and voila!!
I hated it.. It just didn't look right!! I took it to several friends and they all thought it looked great. Finally I found one that said REMOVE the ribbon!! 
She was DONE! DONE and DONE!! (Thanks Jo!!)

                                      So here you all go!! Arlene has COMPLETED a PROJECT!!

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